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2019-03-18UNDER OFFERShinjuku Naitomachi Land
2019-03-18NEW LISTINGGrand Hills Shirokanedai 7F
2019-03-16PRICE REDUCTIONThe Parkhouse Gran Minami Aoyama 4 Chome 1F
2019-03-16NEW LISTINGNeoage Nakameguro 9-10F
2019-03-16PRICE REDUCTIONLa Vogue Minami Aoyama 11F
2019-03-15PRICE REDUCTIONShibuya Eins 4F
2019-03-15UNDER OFFERCentury Omotesando 2F
2019-03-15UNDER OFFERCremarge Minami Aoyama 4F
2019-03-15UNDER OFFERPark Court Minami Aoyama Hilltop Residence 5F
2019-03-15PRICE REDUCTIONMajes Tower Roppongi 15F
2019-03-13NEW LISTINGCity Tower Azabu Juban 20F
2019-03-13SOLDPark Court Azabu Juban The Tower 26F
2019-03-13PRICE REDUCTIONPark Court Aoyama The Tower 4F
2019-03-12UNDER OFFERConcrete designer house in Daikanyama
2019-03-12SOLDProud Gem Shibuya Jinnan Apt. 3F
2019-03-11NEW LISTINGAsahi Rokubancho Mansion 8F
2019-03-11NEW LISTINGGeo Minami Aoyama 3F
2019-03-10NEW LISTINGJiyugaoka 1 Chome House
2019-03-09NEW LISTINGOpen Residencia Hiroo The House 5F
2019-03-09NEW LISTINGForetseine Ikedayama Koen 4F
2019-03-09NEW LISTINGSaion Sakurazaka 2F
2019-03-08PRICE REDUCTIONAtlas Tower Nakameguro 40F
2019-03-08PRICE REDUCTIONCity Tower Kudanshita 18F
2019-03-07PRICE REDUCTIONMinami Aoyama Masters House 4F
2019-03-07NEW LISTINGPark Court Minami Aoyama Hilltop Residence 5F
2019-03-07PRICE REDUCTIONThe Parkhouse Gran Minami Aoyama 4 Chome 3F
2019-03-07NEW LISTINGThe Parkhouse Gran Minami Aoyama 4 Chome 1F
2019-03-06PRICE REDUCTIONFour Seasons Grande Ichibancho 7F
2019-03-06PRICE REDUCTIONTowa Shibuya Tokiwamatsu Homes 4F
2019-03-05NEW LISTINGNakano Honcho House
2019-03-04NEW LISTINGSanbancho Park Terrace Ou-en 7F
2019-03-04NEW LISTINGTokyo Twin Parks 10F
2019-03-04PRICE REDUCTIONThe Residence Hirakawacho 3F
2019-03-04PRICE REDUCTIONPark Court Roppongi Hilltop 26F
2019-03-04PRICE REDUCTIONPalace Studio Kudan Kita-no-maru 9F
2019-03-02NEW LISTINGCremarge Minami Aoyama 4F
2019-03-01NEW LISTINGThe Parkhouse Gran Minami Aoyama 4-Chome 1F
2019-02-28SOLDLions Mansion Hachiyama 2F
2019-02-28SOLDTerrace Shibuya Mitake 14F
2019-02-28NEW LISTINGNew Life Ichibancho 10F
2019-02-27NEW LISTINGForetseine Akasaka Hinokizaka 3F
2019-02-27SOLDPalais Royal Minami Aoyama 3F
2019-02-27PRICE REDUCTIONPark Court Aoyama The Tower 4F
2019-02-26NEW LISTINGJun Itami-designed house in Komazawa
2019-02-26PRICE REDUCTIONMotoazabu Hills Forest Tower 7F
2019-02-26UNDER OFFERThe Residence Hirakawacho 10F
2019-02-26PRICE REDUCTIONRoppongi Hills Residence 4F
2019-02-24NEW LISTINGThe Parkhouse Gran Minami Aoyama 4-Chome 2F
2019-02-24NEW LISTINGProud Gem Shibuya Jinnan 6F
2019-02-23NEW LISTINGHomat Green Hills 2F
2019-02-22PRICE REDUCTIONMinami Aoyama 4 Chome Land
2019-02-22NEW LISTINGThe Parkhouse Gran Minami Aoyama 4-Chome 3F
2019-02-22SOLDTokyo Residence 22F
2019-02-21NEW LISTINGConcrete designer house in Daikanyama
2019-02-21PRICE REDUCTIONKyoto Nijo Castle Machiya