2 Duplex Penthouses for Sale in Park Court Toranomon


Park Court Toranomon Atago Tower
1-Bedroom 191.67sqm (2,063 sqft) 450,000,000 JPY FORECLOSED
2-Bedroom 183.26sqm (1,973 sqft) 420,000,000 JPY

*No longer on the market*

There are currently two duplex penthouse apartments for sale in Park Court Toranomon Atago Tower. These two units are priced at approximately 2,300,000 JPY/sqm (213,000~242,000 JPY/sqft), while smaller apartments on the lower non-penthouse floors are priced between 1,500,000 ~ 2,190,000 JPY/sqm.

This building is a popular luxury residence with many Japanese celebrities either buying or renting here. Prices have increased since it was initially built in April 2008.

1-Bedroom Duplex:


The living room in the 1-Bed unit has a double-height vaulted ceiling overlooking Tokyo Tower. The bathroom off the master bedroom has a full bath and sauna. Floors are marble tile. The total balcony area is 49.79sqm, bringing the total living space to 241.46sqm.

2-Bedroom Duplex:


The 2-Bed unit has a vaulted ceiling, 2 bathrooms, pantry and den. The total living space (including balconies) comes to 224.23sqm (internal space is 183.36sqm).

Carparking is included for both units.