The “World’s Oldest Manga Cafe” to close down

Manrakuen Comic Paradise is a Japanese Manga-Kissa (a comic book library and cafe) near Jinbocho Station in Tokyo where customers pay 400 year per hour to sit and read from the collection of over 20,000 comic books.

Currently in its 17th year of operations, this is the oldest Manga Cafe in Tokyo. The company website even goes so far to say that this is the oldest Comic/Coffee shop in the world. However, they will soon be closing up shop as the building they are located in will be demolished in October due to the effects of the March 11 Tohoku Earthquake. The building was completed in 1972 and is 39 years old.

They will be holding a “Sayonara Manrakuen” event on September 23rd from 10AM to 10PM. The owners had difficulty finding another suitable location so they do not have plans to continue operating.

“Pony Building” in Chiyoda-ku to be demolished as a result of the March 11 Earthquake

Minna no Keizai Shimbun Network, September 9, 2011
Manrakuen Mange Cafe Homepage (

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