Chateau Mita to be demolished

The Chateau Mita apartment building in Mita, Minato-ku, is going to be demolished in March. The reason for demolition and reconstruction is because the 48 year old building was deteriorating. Reconstruction negotiations with the residents began in 2004.

During the 1960s and 1970s, several “Chateau” apartments were built in Tokyo. They were all developed by Kurokawa Kensetsu. Many of the “Chateau” series of vintage apartments are valued higher than other lesser apartments of the same age.

Chateau Mita was considered luxurious for its time as it had a 24hr caretaker, tea room and golf practice range. Built in 1964, it has 8 floors and 95 apartments. It is five minutes to Akabanebashi Station and ten minutes to Tamachi Station. In 2010, a 109sqm apartment on the 3rd floor was listed for sale at 100 million Yen (910,000 Yen/sqm).

The Mita area is a historically high-end residential neighborhood. The Australian and Italian Embassies are nearby, and several other luxury apartments have been completed in this area in the past few years (City Tower Azabu Juban, Park Mansion Mita Hyugazaka, Park Court Azabu Juban).

Mitsui Fudosan will be redeveloping the site and replacing the building with a new 24 story residential apartment block. The new building will have a total of 270 apartments, of which approximately 170 will be available for sale and the rest will go to owners of apartments in the former building.

Completion of the new building is scheduled for December 2014. North-facing apartments on higher floors in the new building should have nice views of Tokyo Tower.

*Update: The new condominium is “The Residence Mita“.


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