Large-scale redevelopment for Shirokane 1 Chome

A large redevelopment is planned for a 17,000sqm block in Shirokane 1 Chome area in Minato-ku. The development will include approximately 1,200 residential apartments. There will be three buildings of varying heights, with the highest being a 156m tall tower with 43 floors. The floorspace of the buildings will total 133,700 sqm (1,438,612 sqft). Construction is scheduled to begin in 2015 (it was originally planned for 2014) and the project should be completed by 2019.

Shirokane 1 Chome Redevelopment

There are currently only 10 condominium apartment buildings in Tokyo with over 1,000 apartments. They are:

(1) The Tokyo Towers: 2,799 units
(2) World City Towers: 2,090 units
(3) Park City Toyosu: 1,481 units
(4) W Comfort Towers: 1,149 units
(5) Shibaura Island Cape Tower: 1,095 units
(6) Brillia Ariake Sky Tower: 1,089 units
(7) Brillia Mare Ariake: 1,081 units
(8) City Towers Toyosu The Twin: 1,063 units
(9) Tokyo Terrace: 1,036 units
(10) Tokyo Twin Parks: 1,000 units

Source: The Tokyo Bureau of Environment