The cheapest rents in Tokyo by train station

Real estate listing site, SUUMO, have listed the top 10 areas around train stations that have the cheapest rent in Tokyo. Stations along the Toden Arakawa Line seem to dominate the listings, so tenants on a budget may want to look for places along this train line.

The average rent was calculated by the listings for Studios to 1-bedroom apartments on the SUUMO website as of March 14, 2012.

[No 1] 42,500 Yen/month
Oikeibajomae Station, Tokyo Monorail (Shinagawa-ku)

This area is in Shinagawa-ku and is near the Oi Horserace Track. This is a fairly reasonably priced area but there were very few apartments listed for rent, so the data may not be entirely accurate.

[No 2] 60,500 Yen/month
Arakawa Kuyakushomae Station, Toden Arakawa Line (Arakawa-ku)

As the station name suggests, this is close to the Arakawa Ward Office. It also has various public facilities include a concert hall.

[No 3] 61,500 Yen/month
Kajiwara Station, Toden Arakawa Line (Kita-ku)

This one is also located on the Arakawa Train Line. There is a shopping street located to the north of the station. It is only 2 stops from Oji Station which is served by the Namboku Line and JR Keihin Tohoku Line – two convenient train lines.

A 26sqm apartment 5 mins from Kajiwara Station for 60,000 Yen/month.

[No 4] 63,000 Yen/month
Kosuge Station, Tobu Isesaki Line (Adachi-ku)

Just one station from Kita-Senju Station which has retail facilities such as Marui and Lumine. The Tobu Line becomes the Hibiya Line at Kitasenju Station, so places such as Ginza and Roppongi can be reached without changing trains.

[No 5] 63,200 Yen/month
Arakawashakomae Staion, Toden Arakawa Line (Arakawa-ku)

This is one station away from Kajiwara Station (No 3). The station is named after the nearby train depot. The area is part of future town planning. A good area for train fanatics as there is a train museum nearby.

[No 6] 65,400 Yen/month
Koya Station, Nippori-Toneri Liner (Adachi-ku)

Fields can be found a slight distance from the station. The Nippori-Toneri Line dearest from Nippori Station which is also on the Yamanote Loop Line, so it is convenient for line changes.

A 35.47sqm apartment 16 mins from Koya Station for 65,000 Yen/month.

[No 7] 66,000 Yen/month
Shinseibijo Station, Tokyo Monorail (Ota-ku)

This is the monorail station at Haneda Airport. It is almost all warehouses and logistics facilities in this area, so it may have been by chance that an apartment was listed at the time data was collected.

[No 8] 66,500 Yen/month
Sakaecho Station, Toden Arakawa Line (Kita-ku)

This area is between Kajiwara Station (No 3) and Oji Station. There is a cosmetic company’s research facility on one side of the tracks and a girls’ high school on the other side.

[No 9] 67,600 Yen/month
Ushida Station, Tobu Isesaki Line (Adachi-ku)

The next stop from Kitasenju Station. Keiseisekiya Station is located next to Ushida Station, so several transport options are available.

[No 10] 68,300 Yen/month
Todenzoshigaya Station, Toden Arakawa Line (Toshima-ku)

This area is within walking distance to the shopping/entertainment area around Ikebukuro Station.


Source: SUUMO Journal, March 21, 2012.

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