Resale value rankings for developers

Attractors Lab has ranked the top condominium developers by the average resale value of their apartments. In top place is Marubeni, followed by Taisei-Yuraku Real Estate and Itochu Property Development. Although these are the top ranked developers, they all saw a drop in average resale values since new.

The data is compiled from the average price of the developer’s apartments when new and their average price when later resold. Data is only included for developers with over 30 buildings, and for buildings listed for sale from 2001 onwards.

Top developers by resale values:

RankDeveloperAvg. apartment size (sqm)Avg. age (years)Avg. price when new (Yen/sqm)Avg. resale price (Yen/sqm)% Change in value
4Tokyo Tatemono71.436.1733,300700,000-3.4%
5Tokyu Land65.437.3730,300703,000-3.5%
6Mitsui Fudosan Residential73.306.2730,300706,100-3.6%
7Gold Crest72.387.3521,200500,000-3.9%
8Nomura Real Estate76.836.0769,700727,300-4.5%
10Mitsubishi Jisho Residence70.395.5745,500700,000-5.1%
12Cosmos Initia71.756.0566,700533,300-6.0%
18Orix Real Estate73.456.7624,200569,700-9.1%
19Daiwa House72.106.9621,200566,700-9.2%
35Aoyama Mainland40.048.1842,400697,000-16.0%
40Nisshin Fudosan54.356.4630,300509,100-19.6%
42Clearth Life30.809.01,006,100548,500-21.2%

Data was also ranked by the apartment brands, with the Famille brand by Marubeni in top spot with an average resale value 2.2% higher than when new.

Top apartment brands by resale values:

RankBrandAvg. apartment size (sqm)Avg. age (years)Avg. price when new (Yen/sqm)Avg. resale price (Yen/sqm)% Change in value
1Famille (Marubeni)62.439.2648,500660,600+2.2%
2Als (Tokyu Land)69.519.3645,500636,400-1.4%
3Grand Suite (Marubeni)65.335.7700,000675,800-3.3%
4Park House (Mitsubishi)72.796.1821,200778,800-3.6%
5Cosmo (Cosmos Initia)75.498.2460,600445,500-3.7%
6Brillia (Tokyo Tatemono)73.074.6739,400709,100-4.0%
7Ober (Taisei)76.096.9627,300597,000-4.0%
8Proud (Nomura)76.205.2775,800736,400-4.1%
9Crest (Gold Crest)72.857.5503,000481,800-4.2%
10Park Homes (Mitsui)70.316.4639,400609,100-5.1%
13City House (Sumitomo)67.346.9757,600700,000-6.7%
14Livio (Nippon Steel)66.556.4639,400600,000-7.0%
21Grande Maison (Sekisui House)87.666.4821,200715,200-8.4%
25Century (Iida Home)60.067.6506,100457,600-10.0%
28Sanctus (Orix)74.826.8560,600509,100-10.7%
35Lions Mansion (Daikyo)74.027.2569,700497,000-13.3%
45Palace Stage (Nisshin Fudosan)68.047.0512,100415,200-19.7%
47Main Stage (Aoyama Mainland)25.558.4954,500754,500-20.7%
49Palace Studio (Clearth Life)24.619.11,045,500797,000-23.7%

While Marubeni saw average values drop by 1.1%, several of their ‘Famille’ and ‘Grand Suite’ brand condominiums in Tokyo have seen resale values increase since new:

Marubeni’s apartment resale value rankings: 

RankBuildingSales beganAvg. apartment size (sqm)Avg. price when new (Yen/sqm)Avg. resale price (Yen/sqm)% Change in value
1Grand Suite Shirokane Marks200497.50930,3001,242,400+35.5%
2Grand Suite Bunkyo Honkomagome200456.00583,300684,800+29.6%
3Famille Grand Yoyogi Nishihara Dexter House200382.40803,0001,000,000+24.4%
4Famille Grand Yotsuya200177.00736,400878,800+19.1%
5Grand Suite Bunkyo Koishikawa200460.60600,000709,100+18.8%
6Famille Asakusa Ancher200240.40533,300630,300+18.0%
7Famille Nihonbashi Bleu Clair200256.30566,700663,600+17.3%
8Grand Suite Akashicho200351.00663,600772,700+17.3%
9Famille Grand Ebisu200175.90787,900918,200+16.5%
10Grand Suite Nihonbashi Ningyocho200342.10648,500730,300+13.1%
11Famille Square Matsudo Leala Commons200275.40454,500493,900+8.5%
12Grand Suite Bunkyo Sengoku200472.40642,400690,900+7.2%
13Famille Grand Yoyogi-no-mori200476.90697,000736,400+6.2%
14Famille Higashi Ginza Grand Suite Tower200238.80745,500766,700+3.1%
15Famille Ginza East200341.20739,400751,500+2.6%
Grand Suite Shirokane Marks
Grand Suite Shirokane Marks in Minato-ku, Tokyo. Prices have increased by as much as 35.5% since new.

Source: Attractors Lab, September 6, 2013.

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