Investment properties across Japan see jump in prices

According to First Logic, the average price of investment properties listed on their Rakumachi site in September have seen a jump in prices while corresponding yields have fallen.

Both ‘apaato’ buildings and individual apartments nationwide have seen their advertised prices increase by 10% ~ 16% from last month. Meanwhile ‘mansion’-type buildings have seen prices fall 2.36% from August, although they are still higher than last year. 

‘Apaato’ Buildings (typically smaller 2 storey apartment blocks, often wooden or steel frame construction)

  • Average list price: 62,850,000 Yen (+10% from last month)
  • Average gross yield: 10.43% (-0.33 points)
  • Average building age: 23.5 years

‘Mansion’ Buildings (usually concrete construction with more floors)

  • Average list price: 188,240,000 Yen (-2.36% from last month)
  • Average gross yield: 9.31% (-0.25 points)
  • Average building age: 24.2 years

Individual Apartments

  • Average list price: 11,830,000 Yen (+16.09% from last month
  • Average gross yield: 10.13% (-0.31 points)
  • Average building age: 22.7 years

Investment Apartment Prices 2011 2013

Source: First Logic News Release, October 4, 2013.

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