TAS Corp’s rental market data for September

According to TAS Corp’s latest report on the rental market for apartments, the average vacancy rate in Tokyo’s 23-ku was 11.56% in September, up 0.07 points from the previous month but down 0.08 points from September 2012.


Kanagawa PrefectureSaitama PrefectureChiba Prefecture
Vacancy rate11.58%12.91%15.50%13.40%
Time advertised (months)3.023.433.353.25
Renewal rate43.48%46.45%49.60%52.03%
Mid-contract cancellation rate39.04%37.46%35.01%34.77%


Osaka PrefectureKyoto PrefectureHyogo PrefectureShizuoka Prefecture
Vacancy rate8.01%13.81%11.76%23.41%
Time advertised (months)4.495.555.185.86
Renewal rate38.35%12.91%26.87%18.69%
Mid-contract cancellation rate49.05%72.56%63.79%70.93%

Tokyo Residential Vacancy Rates 2008 2013

About the data:

Time advertised: the average time an apartment is advertised before a tenant is found.

Renewal rate: The percentage of rental contracts that are renewed at the end of the term.

Mid-contract cancellation rate: The percentage of rental contracts that are cancelled before the end of the term.

Source: TAS Corp, November 26, 2013.


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