Future redevelopment in Akasaka 7 Chome

Landowners in Akasaka 7 Chome have formed an association with a view to redeveloping their neighbourhood. Although details are yet to be confirmed, its possible that a developer is already involved in the planning.

The 1 hectare site is located on a block directly between Park Court Akasaka The Tower and the Canadian Embassy. It also has street frontage onto Aoyama Dori Avenue. Several old apartment buildings may also form part of the redevelopment, including Akasaka National Court (1977), Akasaka Sansei Mansion (1970) and Akasaka Chuo Mansion (1962).

There are a few other redevelopment projects underway in the Akasaka area:

  • The International University of Health & Welfare are building a school building on the site of the former Akasaka Elementary School near Akasaka Mitsuke Station. Demolition of the existing buildings will start in May.
  • Mitsui Fudosan Residential have plans for a 44-storey apartment building near Tokyo Midtown. Completion is expected sometime in 2017.
  • Nippon Steel Kowa Real Estate are building a 37-storey mixed-use building near the US Embassy and Tameikesanno Station. Demolition of the existing buildings began earlier this year and the project is expected to be completed in 2017.
  • Mori Trust recently announced that they will finally begin the redevelopment of the Akasaka Twin Towers, also near Tameikesanno Station. Demolition has been delayed for several years but is scheduled to start next month.

Source: The Kensetsusushin Shimbun, April 18, 2014.



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