Show Foto is open for business

Show Foto K.K. is proud to announce the launch of its real estate brokerage which will cater exclusively to buyers looking to purchase real estate in Tokyo.

The transition to a fully licensed real estate company is a natural next step for Show Foto, which has been providing information on the Japanese real estate market since 2010.

Zoe Ward, CEO, first became involved in the Japanese real estate industry in 2008. According to Ward, “buyers are often at a disadvantage when purchasing real estate in Japan due to the prevalence of dual agents (real estate agents who represent both the buyer and seller and collect commission from both parties). Foreign buyers are at a particular disadvantage due to the shortage of accurate and non-biased information in English.”

“Since we are not paid by sellers or developers, we can focus on finding the most suitable properties for our buyers without any temptation to show properties that might otherwise offer us a double commission. Buyers can be assured that they are being fairly represented and have access to all properties on the market, as well as off-market deals.”

By working exclusively with buyers, Show Foto is able to work in the best interests of its clients to help them achieve the best results possible.

After discussing the requirements with a client, Show Foto conducts a thorough property search which involves physically inspecting and doing due diligence on every apartment before it is submitted to the client. Any unsuitable properties are ruled out in the process.

“Our clients have very busy schedules and their time is valuable” says Ward. “While the search process may take a little longer, it ultimately saves the buyer’s time and money.”

Show Foto’s office is located alongside Omotesando Avenue. To see if we can assist with your property search in Tokyo, please contact us here.