Historic home in Kunitachi open to public before demolition

Takada Residence Kunitachi 2A historic home in Kunitachi City, Western Tokyo, will be open to the public for a viewing on February 8 and 9 before it is demolished.

The Takada Residence was built in 1929 ~ 1930 by physician and author Giichirou Takada. Mr. Takada moved his family from their former residence in the Akasaka Tameikesanno area in order for his eldest son to attend school in Kunitachi. This home would have been one of the original homes built when the suburb was developed in the 1920s.

The 2-storey wooden house sits on a 600 sqm block of land. It has a concrete basement (used as archives) and the house was equipped with steam heating.

Demolition is scheduled to begin at the end of March 2015.

The house will be open for viewing on February 8 and 9, 2015 from 10am ~ 4pm. Several local shops will be participating in the event and will have stalls on site.

Takada Residence Kunitachi
Image via http://takadagiichirou.tumblr.com/


About Kunitachi

The neighbourhood was developed by  of Hakone Resorts Ltd. (now Prince Hotels, Inc.) in the 1920s as a college town. Kunitachi Station opened in 1926. The original station building was designed by architect Tsuto Kono, a former apprentice of Frank Lloyd Wright. The old station building was torn down in 2006.


The Tachikawa Keizai Shimbun, February 4, 2015.