Toranomon fast becoming a hotspot of development

The 2020 Summer Olympics and 2027 opening of the new maglev line have helped to spur along some major construction projects in Tokyo, in particular the Toranomon area.

Since the opening of Toranomon Hills in 2014, the Toranomon area is quickly emerging as Tokyo’s newest hub for international business. It is not just an office area, as nearby hotels, hospitals, and serviced apartments are also in the process of being built. There are also plans for a new station along the Hibiya Line that will connect with Toranomon Hills.

Mori Building is the major player in this district, and plans to invest over a trillion Yen in projects in the Toranomon and Roppongi area over the next 10 years.

Toranomon 2 Chome District
Toranomon 2 Chome District

Toranomon Hospital Redevelopment (Medical and Office)

The Toranomon 2 Chome District redevelopment includes the redevelopment of the Toranomon Hospital. The new hospital will be 19 storeys with completion scheduled for 2018. A 36-storey office tower will be built next with completion in 2022. The entire redevelopment will have a total project cost of approximately 145.6 billion Yen and will be completed by 2024.

Atagoyama District Development
Atagoyama District Development

Atagoyama District Development (Residential)

This is a 56-storey residential tower located directly on the southern side of Toranomon Hills.  At 220 meters tall, it will be just 27 meters shorter than the neighbouring Toranomon Hills. Construction is scheduled to start in 2016, with completion in late 2019.

Toranomon 1 Chome Project
Toranomon 1 Chome Project

Toranomon 1 Chome District (Office)

This is a 36-storey office building planned for the northern side of Toranomon Hills. Mori Building are involved in the development and completion is expected by 2019. The office tower will include a bus terminal on the ground floor as well as a direct connection to the subway station. It will be connected to Toranomon Hills by a pedestrian deck.

Hotel Okura Tokyo Development
Hotel Okura Tokyo Development

Hotel Okura Redevelopment (Hotel and Office)

Despite the outcry from architecture fans across the world, the demolition of the vintage hotel is going ahead as planned. The new project will include a 195m tall tower and a smaller 85m tall tower. Completion is scheduled for 2019.

Toranomon 4 Chome Project

Toranomon 4 Chome Project (Office and Serviced Apartments)

This is the site of the former Pastoral Building. It is being developed by Mori Trust into a 36-storey mixed-use building containing office space and serviced apartments. Completion is scheduled for 2018.

Roppongi 3 Chome East Area Project
Roppongi 3 Chome East Area Project

Roppongi 3 Chome East Area Project (Office and Residential)

This development is being le by Sumitomo Realty and includes a 230m tall, 40 storey office tower and a 109m tall, 27 storey residential tower. Completion is scheduled for 2016.

Toranomon Azabudai District

A town planning decision is expected to be announced this year, with possible completion by 2020. The scale and details of this project are yet to be announced, although it is likely to include a residential component designed to an international standard.


The development of public transport and pedestrian facilities is also progressing. Although this area already has several transport options, there are plans for a new station alongside the Hibiya subway line between Kamiyacho and Kasumigaseki Stations. The new station may ben open by 2020 with final completion by 2022.

The No. 2 Arterial Ring Road, which runs directly under Toranomon Hills is expected to be connected to the Ariake area in 2016.

Source: The Nikkei Shimbun, April 10, 2015.

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