PanaHome unveils 6-storey house

Panahome 2

PanaHome have opened three 6-storey model homes in Tokyo and Yokohama. These are said to be the tallest model homes to be built in Japan.

The display homes are part of their Vieuno PRO series that includes both residential homes with retail and office space. A change to the inheritance tax laws in January 1, 2015, has caused wealthy landowners in Tokyo to seek ways to reduce their future inheritance tax burden. A residence with a portion that is leased out may be eligible for additional inheritance tax deductions.

The Vieno PRO homes allow for floors with high ceilings (up to 3.15m on the 1st floor), which can appeal to retail tenants, such as convenience stores. The homes can be built up to 7-storeys tall.

The display home in Shinjuku features a sales floor on the 2nd floor, rental apartment on the 3rd floor and a two-family house on the 4th ~ 6th floors. The house is located in the Tokyo Shinjuku House Exhibition Centre, 500 meters west of the Park Hyatt in Nishishinjuku, and is viewable by appointment.


The estimated cost of a 5-storey home with a total floor area of 573.16 sqm (6,167 sq ft) is 134,680,000 Yen, or around 235,000 Yen/sqm.

PanaHome is expecting to receive orders for 150 of their Vieuno PRO homes this year. The company, which is part of the Panasonic Group, introduced their first 3-storey, mixed residential/retail house plan in 1977. By March 2015, they had sold over 16,000 multi-storey homes across the country. Over the past 3 years, sales have increased by over 100% annually.

Panahome 1
The 5-storey Vieuno PRO home.

KenPlatz, May 22, 2015.

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