Mori announces 3.6 billion USD in projects around Toranomon Hills

Toranomon Redevelopment

Last month Mori Building announced details on three new high-rise towers planned for the Toranomon District. These three towers will surround Mori’s Toranomon Hills complex on the north, south and western sides.

The total project cost is estimated at around 400 billion Yen (approx. 3.6 billion USD), and completion is expected between 2019 ~ 2022 2023.

The three developments cover 7.5 hectares of land and will contain a total floorspace of 800,000 sqm, of which 300,000 sqm will be office space. In addition, there will be 600 new apartments, 26,000 sqm of retail space and 15,000 sqm of green space.

Toranomon Redevelopment 2

[1] Toranomon Hills Residential Tower (temporary name)

  • 56-storeys
  • Height: 220 meters
  • Completion: 2019

The building will include 620 apartments, of which 160 will be serviced apartments, as well as a members-only fitness club and spa. It is expected to be the peak of the “Mori Living” series of apartments. Other Mori residences include Toranomon Hills, Roppongi Hills, Motoazabu Hills, and Hirakawacho Mori Tower Residence to name a few.

Apartments are expected to be large, expat-style units catering to foreign residents, with 3-Bedroom apartments over 110 sqm and 4-Bedroom apartments over 200 sqm in size.

When complete, this could be the tallest fully-residential building in Japan, and the second tallest building in Tokyo that includes a residential component (second to the neighbouring Toranomon Hills building).

Toranomon Hills Residential Tower 4

Toranomon Hills Residential Tower 2

Toranomon Hills Residential Tower 1

[2] Toranomon Hills Station Tower (temporary name)

  • Completion: 2022 2023

The redevelopment committee for this project was recently established in February 2016. This building is to be developed along with the new subway station on the Hibiya Line. There are plans for the project to be mixed-use with office space and a luxury hotel.

The exterior was designed by Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas and his architectural firm OMA.

Toranomon Hills Station Tower 1

Toranomon Hills Station Tower 2

[3] Toranomon Hills Business Tower (temporary name)

  • 36-storeys
  • Height: 185 meters
  • Completion: 2019

This project will include a bus terminal providing access to the bus-rapid-transit system to the bayside islands as well as airport buses to international airports. The basement will offer direct access to the planned new station along the Hibiya Line, which is due to open in 2020.

The 4th floor will offer a 3,000 sqm ‘Innovation Centre’ which will offer a networking lounge to connect large corporations with venture businesses. The Centre’s interiors will be designed by Masamichi Katayama of Wonderwall.

The building’s exterior has been designed by German design firm, Ingenhoven Architects.

The volume ratio for this site is 1,450% due to allowances provided by the local government.

Toranomon Hills Business Tower 1

Toranomon Hills Business Tower 2

Toranomon Hills Business Tower 3

Toranomon to become Tokyo’s leading business and lifestyle hub

Toranomon’s urban regeneration was kicked off in 2014 with with the opening of Shin-Tora Avenue and Mori’s Toranomon Hills complex. Toranomon Hills is a 52-storey, 247m tall mixed-use tower that was completed in 2014. It contains office, retail, residential apartments and the Andaz Hotel on the upper floors. Several of the apartments in the building are occasionally available for sale with prices ranging from 3,000,000 ~ 4,500,000 Yen/sqm (2,500 ~ 3,800 USD/sq.ft).

In addition to the above projects, there are a number of other major developments underway in this neighbourhood including:

  • Hotel Okura Redevelopment: Two towers (195m and 85m) containing office and the Hotel Okura due for completion in 2019.
  • Toranomon 4 Chome Project: The redevelopment of the former Pastoral Building. Mori Trust are building a 36-storey, 180m tall building containing office space and serviced apartments. Completion is scheduled for 2018.
  • Toranomon Hospital Redevelopment: A 19-storey hospital due for completion in 2018 and a 36-storey, 179m tall office tower due for completion in 2022.
  • Toranomon Azabudai District: A 8-hectare site owned by Mori Building near Ark Hills Sengokuyama. Details have yet to be announced.
  • Meteorological Agency Toranomon Building Redevelopment: A 15-storey, 87m tall building due for completion in 2020.
  • Akasaka 1 Chome Project: A 200m tall, 37-storey office tower with completion scheduled for 2017.

Source: Kenplatz, April 14, 2016.

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