APA breaks ground on new residential project in Nishiazabu


Hotel and apartment developer, APA Group, broke ground on a new high-end condominium project in Nishiazabu’s 4 Chome address earlier this month.

The Conoe Nishiazabu will be a 6-storey building containing just 16 spacious residences. The one and two bedroom apartments will range in size from 82 ~ 157 sqm (882 ~ 1,689 sq.ft), with an average size of 120 sqm. The typical size of a 3-Bedroom apartment in Tokyo is around 70 square meters, so these one and two bedroom apartments will have considerably spacious layouts.

Completion is scheduled for May 2018 with apartments to be delivered to buyers from February 2019. Sales are scheduled to begin in November 2018.

The building will use a different method of construction from typical apartment buildings that will result in thicker concrete floor slabs (over 300mm) for better sound insulation, while also allowing for higher window frames and less intrusive support beams and pillars. Kitchens will have reverse osmosis water filtration systems.

Each apartment will have its own car park (14 machine-type parks and 2 exclusive garage-type parks). They will also come with their own trunk room storage spaces.

It is an 11 minute walk from Hiroo Station, 15 minutes from Omotesando Station and 14 minutes from Roppongi Station.


The Nishiazabu 4 Chome area is largely a wealthy low-rise neighbourhood with western-style apartments and large detached homes. Residential land in this area can currently cost over 2 million Yen/sqm depending on street frontage.

Apartment prices in this area:

Azabu Kasumicho Park Mansion: 2,400,000 Yen/sqm

  • Built: 2000
  • 92 apartments
  • No current listings


Park House Azabu Kasumicho: 1,650,000 Yen/sqm

  • Built: 2000
  • 39 apartments
  • Only 1 current sale listing


Glorio Azabu Kasumicho: 1,550,000 Yen/sqm

  • Built: 2003
  • 64 apartments
  • Only 1 current sale listing


The Parkhouse Nishiazabu Residence: 1,800,000 Yen/sqm

  • Built: 2014
  • 190 apartments
  • 12 current sale listings


Hiroo Garden Hills: 1,600,000 Yen/sqm

  • Built: 1982 ~ 1986
  • 1,181 apartments
  • 6 current sale listings


APA first created their Conoe series of apartments in 2014. The name is a reference to the ‘konoe’ Imperial Guards. A total of 9 ‘Conoe’ buildings were developed in central Tokyo. APA recently introduced a new series called ‘The Conoe’ which are intended to be a more luxurious offering. Their first project was The Conoe Daikanyama which was completed in February 2016. Apartments in the Daikanyama building are currently between 2 ~ 3 million Yen/sqm. Their second project was The Conoe Ichibancho which was completed last month and sales are scheduled to start in early October. Their third project, a rental building called The Conoe Mita Tsunamachi, is located in one of Tokyo’s historic mansion districts near Azabujuban Station. Completion is scheduled for July 2017.

Source: APA Group Press Release, September 13, 2016.


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