Chuo-ku’s population reaches 55-year high

The population of Tokyo’s Chuo ward exceeded 150,000 residents for the first time since 1962. Construction of high-rises in the bayside area and a desire to live closer to one’s workplace has seen population on a rise since 1998. Meanwhile, childcare facilities and medical clinics are struggling with the larger population.

Families in their 30s and 40s moving into the area are the main contributor to the population growth, while the percentage of residents over the age of 65 was just 15.83% – the lowest in all of Tokyo’s 23 special wards.

In 1947 the ward’s population was 116,900, before post-war revival saw the population swell to 172,100 in 1953.

However, urban development in other parts of the city and a surge in property prices during the asset bubble saw the population decline to 71,800 by 1997.

The population is expected to reach 200,000 by 2024.

The Nikkei Shimbun, January 17, 2017.
The Sankei Shimbun, January 20, 2017.

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