Shikoku Railway Co to develop guesthouses in Kyoto

Shikoku Railway Company (JR Shikoku) is planning to open traditional-style guesthouse accommodation in Kyoto to cater to the growing demand from foreign tourists.

Their first project is a group of three townhouses under construction on a 170 sqm block of land just south of Kyoto Station and 14 minute walk to Tofuku-ji Temple. The total project cost is estimated at 150 million Yen (approx. 1.4 million USD).

Called ‘4S STAY Kyoto Kujo’, the three houses can be rented out by groups of up to five guests at a time. Nightly rates will be approximately 20,000 Yen for two people, with an additional charge of 5,000 Yen for each additional guest. They are expecting annual revenue of around 20 million Yen (approx. 187,000 USD). Accommodation management will be carried out by Update Asia

The company’s ultimate goal is to promote the Shikoku region and encourage foreign tourists to experience staying in traditional farmhouses. The Kyoto guesthouses will feature local crafts from Shikoku, such as Imabari towels, Otani pottery and hinoki baths using wood sourced from Kochi prefecture.

The guest houses will open in mid-April 2018.


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