Roppongi Hills Residence

Average price: 2,000,000 ~ 3,500,000 Yen/sqm
Size range: 30.75 ~ 363.81 sqm (331 ~ 3915 sqft)



Roppongi Hills Residence is arguably the number 1 address in Japan. It is known both locally and internationally as the place to live and work in Tokyo.

This building never underwent any sales activity by the developer, Mori Building, when it was completed in 2003. In exchange for their land, Mori Building gave the original landholders some apartments in the new buildings (Residences A, B and D). This amounted to a little over 300 of the 793 apartments which were given to landholders. The remainder were kept by Mori and are available for rent. The landholder units are occasionally put up for resale by their owners.

In 2010, the average apartment asking price was 2,000,000 Yen/sqm.

The complex is made up of four residential buildings (A, B, C & D), as well as the Mori Tower office building, Grand Hyatt Roppongi Hotel, TV Asahi, designer shops such as Louis Vuitton, restaurants and gardens. The total size of the land is over 84,000 sqm. Residences A & B have apartments for sale, while Residence C is only for rent, and Residence D is a serviced apartment complex (which sometimes has small apartments for sale). The total cost of the project was 270 billion Yen, or 470 billion Yen when you include the value of the land.

Facilities include bilingual concierge staff, doorman, porter, the Roppongi Hills Spa and gym, in-house doctor, sky lounge, rooftop gardens and guest suites.

Roppongi Hills has its own energy supplied by Roppongi Energy Service – not TEPCO. Underneath Mori Tower is a gas turbine co-generation system, steam boiler and an absorption refrigerator. The gas turbine system can generate up to 38,660 kW of power.

The Roppongi Hills Tribe

The Roppongi Hills Tribe referred to IT and finance company directors with offices in Mori Tower and who had a residence in Roppongi Hills. The term also applied to celebrities and other high-profile residents of the building.

Roppongi Hills is very popular and well known amongst the expatriate and local community. Mori Corporation has always had a relatively high occupancy rate. Prior to the Lehman Shock in 2008, approximately 60% of the residents were foreigners. After the economy suffered a downturn, many foreign companies had cut staff or cut rental allowances so the ratio of foreign residents fell to 40%. At the same time, apartment rents had fallen to a level where it became a more accessible for Japanese and the ratio of Japanese residents grew to 60%.

Various company directors, actors and musicians live in the complex. With such a huge concentration of high profile residents, it has also been home to a few notorious ones.

The Residences



*Apartments in Residence A are owned by either private individuals or Mori Corporation and are available for purchase or rent. In the past 10 years, however, there has only been one apartment in this building offered for sale.


*Apartments in Residence B are owned by either private individuals or Mori and are available for purchase or rent.

One of the penthouse apartments in Residence B was listed for sale for 1.5 billion Yen in 2007.

Residence B Penthouse 221sqm (2378 sqft).
Roppongi Hills Residence B 7F Floorplan
Residence B 7F 1-Bedroom 64.56 sqm (695 sqft) + 11.34 sqm balcony.

Roppongi Hills Residence B 2

Roppongi Hills Residence B 1

Roppongi Hills Residence B Interior
Residence B Interior
Roppongi Hills Penthouse
Residence B Penthouse.

Residence C is owned and managed by Mori Building. Units are available to rent only. Floors 28 and higher were designed by Conran & Partners and feature three unique interior designs.

Interiors of Residence C by Conran & Partners

One of the penthouse apartments in Residence C was previously advertised for rent at 5,200,000 Yen per month.

Residence C Penthouse.
Penthouse Living Room

Residence D contains smaller fully-furnished serviced apartments as well as some privately owned studio apartments.


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