Branz Azabu Mamianacho

Branz Azabu Mamianacho 2

Average price: 1,650,000 ~ 2,300,000 Yen/sqm
Size range: 40.13 ~ 137.93 sqm (432 ~ 1,484 sqft)

Location: Azabu Mamianacho, Minato-ku


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Branz Azabu Mamianacho is located across the road from the Russian Embassy and Tokyo American Club. This was formerly the site of the Mamiana Mansion apartments that were built in 1969.

This is on a sloping site with the main entrance on the 5th level. Apartments on floors 1 to 4 may possibly look into a retaining wall, or have limited views. For this reason, it is strongly recommended to confirm the outlook of your apartment before purchasing. Apartments on level 3 are considered to be on ground level, while levels 2 and 1 are basement floors.

When new, apartments were priced from 51 ~ 250 million Yen, with an average price of 1,360,000 Yen/sqm. The average price for apartments on floors 1 ~ 5 was 1,200,000 Yen/sqm, and 1,450,000 Yen/sqm for apartments on floors 6 ~ 10. Sales began in March 2013 and all apartments had sold out by July 2014.

Ceiling heights are 2500mm in the living areas. This is about 10mm lower than the average for high-end apartments. The building has a lobby with lounge and concierge service (which may or may not have English-speaking staff), but does not have any other facilities such as a sky lounge, gym etc.

Marubeni completed a high-rise condominium on the neighboring block on the northern corner of Branz. Grand Suite Azabudai Hilltop Tower is 29 stories and has 166 apartments. When new, apartments were priced similarly to Branz on a price-per-sqm basis.

The Russian Embassy and Tokyo American Club are both located across the street on the eastern side. The area has a fairly strong police presence due to the Uyoku right-wingers that frequently try to visit the area with their noisy black trucks. There is also a police guard stationed outside Branz.

This building is being built to the basic earthquake-resistant levels and does not use the more expensive options such as vibration control (seishin) or base-isolation (menshin). While the building will withstand an earthquake, the shaking will be stronger, especially on higher floors, than a building with seishin or menshin-type construction.


Azabu Juban Sta. – 4 min walk
Roppongi Itchome Sta. – 9 min walk
Kamiyacho Sta. – 9 min walk

Completion:December 2013
No. of units:140
Construction:8 Stories + 2 basements
Construction Company:Shimizu Corporation
Developer:Tokyu Land Corporation
Carparking:69 spaces (38,000 ~ 40,000 Yen/month)
Land size:4673.23 sqm
Land ownership:Freehold

Branz Azabu Mamianacho 4

Branz Azabu Mamianacho 6

Branz Azabu Mamianacho 2

Branz Azabu Mamianacho Interior 1

Branz Azabu Mamianacho 9F Interior

Branz Azabu Mamianacho 9F Interior 2

^ #208 3-Bedroom 82.27 sqm (885 sqft) + 9.61 sqm.
^ 3-Bedroom 90D Type 94.88 sqm + 28.76 sqm balcony.
^ #809 3-Bedroom 101.66 sqm (1094 sqft) + 15.51 sqm balcony.
^ 3-Bedroom 115A Type 115.38 sqm + 16.82 sqm balcony.
^ #1001 3-Bedroom 121.69 sqm + 8.93 sqm balcony + 75.95 sqm roof terrace.
Branz Azabu Mamianacho 205 Floorplan
^ #205 4-Bedroom 137.93 sqm (1484 sqft) + 12.05 sqm balcony + 24.64 sqm terrace.

The following is a list of apartments that were listed for sale in the past, or that have sold. Please understand that these apartments may no longer be available for sale.

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