Demolition underway on Omotesando public housing complex

Demolition of the old Aoyama Kitamachi Apaato housing complex in Omotesando is underway. Asbestos removal from four buildings is currently being carried out. Asbestos sheeting and spray-on insulation was used in some of the buildings’ rooftop waterproofing, plumbing insulation, and chimneys.

The city-owned public housing estate will soon be replaced with high-rise residential, aged care facilities and retail space.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has chosen six developers to partake in the project, including Tokyo Tatemono, Mitsui Fudosan, Kajima Corporation and Maeda Corporation.

High-rise planned for Omotesando former public housing site

Kitamachi Apaato 5The Aoyama Kitamachi Apaato, a city-operated public housing complex located on a prime 40,000 sqm site in the centre of Omotesando, is going to be replaced with a 20-storey high-rise apartment building.

The current site includes 25 public housing blocks containing a total of 586 apartments. They were built between 1957 and 1968 and are now in various stages of ageing and deterioration. The 4 and 5 storey buildings do not have elevators, and some of the earlier buildings did not have bathrooms (in those days the residents would have gone to local bathhouses).

Since 2006, Tokyo City has been slowly vacating the tenants in preparation of redevelopment. Almost half of the apartments are vacant, while remaining residents gradually move out.

Demolition is scheduled to start in 2017, and completion is expected in time for the 2020 Summer Olympics.

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