High-rise condo in Ariake bans AirBnb hosts

Brillia Mare Ariake
Brillia Mare Ariake – the first high-rise in Japan to ban AirBnb rentals.

The growing number of apartment owners or tenants leasing out their properties on AirBnb in Tokyo is becoming a cause for concern for owners’ associations.

The board of directors of Brillia Mare Ariake, a 33-storey condominium in Tokyo Bay, have taken steps to curb the conspicuous number of private short-term rentals in the building. According to a post on Brillia Mare Ariake’s management blog, the rise in holiday letting or short-term rental listings, including share-houses, in the building had the board of directors worried. Of particular concern was the use of the building’s facilities, such as the pool and spa, by a large number of short-term guests and visitors that are unaware of building rules. The increase in the number of strangers using the building’s facilities was also considered to pose a risk to property values.