Survey says Chinese investors keen on resort apartments in Japan

Tokyo-based GlobeLink is a specialist marketing and consulting company that targets wealthy Chinese consumers. They recently conducted a survey of wealthy Chinese investors to find out where they want to invest and why.

A total of 100 consumers from the top wealth bracket in China were surveyed. The participants all reside in major cities in China, and are interested in investing in Japanese real estate.

Taiwanese increasing investment in Japanese real estate

The Taiwanese media have been featuring stories about the rising number of Taiwanese buying real estate in Japan. And it’s not just private investors, but corporations are also increasing their investment in the country.

According to the China Times, China Trust Real Estate Co. formed a partnership with a Japanese agency (Kukan Produce, based in Fukuoka)  in order to introduce properties in Tokyo to Taiwanese buyers.

Yokohama developer teams up with Shanghai real estate company

Yokotoshi Kaihatsu announced on March 26 that they have formed a business partnership with Shanghai Dewei Real Estate. The business partnership was formed as Yokotoshi is nearing insolvency. Dewei will hold a 36% interest in Yokotoshi and  will receive two seats on the board of directors.

With the steep rise in real estate prices in China’s mainland, investors are seeking offshore investment opportunities. The partnership aims to introduce Japanese real estate to Chinese buyers. Dewei will also provide real estate services to Japanese businesses and clients who are looking for office and residential space in China.

Chinese government buys 15,000 sqm site in Niigata

The current Consulate

The Chinese government has acquired a 15,000 site in Niigata City to construct their new consulate. The site is larger than the Tokyo Dome and some are wondering why they need such a large property.

In 2010, China was going to buy city-owned land but local residents strongly opposed the sale and it was eventually cancelled. This time, however, the Chinese government purchased from a private individual, and local opposition groups did not find out until after the sale was completed.

Saitama to keep close watch on forestry purchases by foreigners

In order to better understand the scope of the purchase of forestry by foreign funds and to protect water sources, Saitama Prefecture is planning to introduce rules which will require land transactions to be reported in advance to authorities.

The proposal will target 18 cities and towns in the northern part of Saitama.  It will be submitted to the prefectural assembly this month, and may be enacted as early as October of this year.

Similar legislation is also going to be presented to the Diet session later this month, but it does not specifically mention foreign capital.

Chinese buyers are now chasing after land around military bases?

Another alarmist article has been published about foreign investors, namely Asian buyers, buying up Japanese real estate. While previous articles have focused on the unsubstantiated reports of Chinese citizens purchasing up thousands of hectares of pristine land and water sources, the Sankei Shimbun says investors have now turned their attention to speculating on land both on and around Japan’s military bases. Take this article with a grain of salt as it relies on very few facts and figures.

The China Money Myth

There have been many attention-grabbing headlines about mainland Chinese investors buying up real estate overseas. This was also big news in Japan in 2010 and was the subject of many investigative television reports and newspaper articles speculating about Chinese citizens buying up large tracts of forestry in Japan.

Following the March 11 Tohoku disaster, these stories have almost completely vanished from Japanese newspapers as mainland buyers have re-routed their “hot money” to other international destinations. But was there really a big influx of property investment by land-hungry mainland Chinese to begin with, or was it hype created by overly optimistic real estate agents and conservationists who feared the Chinese buying up their countryside?

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