Same-day sellout in Brillia Tama New Town

All 252 apartments available in the first round of sales for Brillia Tama New Town have sold out on the same day.

Brillia Tama New Town is the redevelopment of the Suwa 2 Chome Jutaku housing complex and is the biggest project of its kind in Japan. Developed by Tokyo Tatemono, the new complex will have 1249 units, of which 565 will go to owners of the demolished apartments.

Danchi reconstruction cancelled due to liquefaction

Reconstruction plans for the Sodegaura Danchi public housing project in Chiba’s Narashino City have been put on hold as the recent liquefaction in the area caused by the March 11 Tohoku earthquake has deterred potential buyers for apartments in the new project.

The Sodegaura Danchi was built in 1967 and has 250 units. It is built on reclaimed land on Tokyo Bay and is a 45 minute drive from central Tokyo. A 3-bedroom apartment in the complex can be rented for as low as 60,000 Yen/month (780 USD).

Harajuku Danchi Reconstruction Plans

Nippon Steel City Produce and Mitsui are redeveloping the Harajuku Danchi apartments alongside Gaien Nishidori in Shibuya-ku’s Jingumae 3 Chome neighborhood.

The original 6 buildings were completed in 1957. The buildings were considered modern for their time and were a landmark for the area. Due to aging and deterioration, reconstruction plans were made and the apartments were vacated in 2010.