A first for Kansai: Historic bldg facade preserved in redevelopment

Orix Real Estate announced that they will be preserving the facade of a Taisho-era building and will incorporate it into the new condominium being built on the site. The design of the upper floors will also be in keeping with the original building facade. This is the first example of a condominium in the entire Kansai area that preserved the facade of the former building.

Apartment sales in ‘Gran Sanctus Yodoyabashi’ began on July 3rd, with 45 of the 60 units being offered in the first release. Apartments range in size from 56.09 ~ 78.83 sqm (603 ~ 848 sqft) and are priced from 37.6 ~ 56.5 million Yen. The average price per square meter is 693,000 Yen.

400 yr old house in Osaka to be demolished

The owner of the Watanabe Residence in Osaka’s Yodogawa-ku has had the historical listing cancelled as he plans to demolish the home and sell the land in order to pay a high inheritance tax bill.

The current owner inherited the house two years ago and has not been able to pay the inheritance taxes on the property. An application was made to Osaka’s Board of Education to remove the listing, so that the property could be razed and sold. The Board of Education said they often receive applications to remove listings due to fire and other damage, but it is rare to receive a request due to difficulty paying taxes.

Brick warehouse in Gunma at risk of demolition

A 90 year old red-brick warehouse built during the Taisho period in Ora Town, Gunma, is at risk of being demolished in the near future.

The building was once used in the production of “nakanogasuri” – a style of cloth-weaving dyed with wooden patterns, and is now owned by the JA Oura Tatebayashi Agricultural Cooperative (JA). The warehouse suffered structural damage during the Tohoku earthquake and the owner has expressed intent to demolish the structure.

Former British Embassy Villa in Nikko to be open to public

Tochigi Prefecture is making plans to restore and open up the former villa of the British Embassy on Lake Chuzenji to the public as a way to promote tourism in the Nikko area.

The prefecture has allocated 6 million Yen in their 2012 budget to start work on analyzing the foundations and earthquake-resistance of the villa. After carrying out any necessary repairs, the villa is scheduled to be open to the public from 2014.

1927 Kudanshita Bldg to be demolished

The 85-year old Kudanshita Building in Kandajinbocho, Chiyoda-ku, will soon be demolished once the last remaining occupant moves out.

Kudanshita Bldg is a multi-tenant building in Kandajinbocho, Chiyoda-ku. It’s original name was Imagawakouji Cooperative Building. Completed in 1927, the Kudanshita Building is one of Tokyo’s landmark buildings completed during the reconstruction following the 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake. The local shopkeepers whose premises were destroyed in the earthquake had pooled their savings together to construct this building. At the time they were each given an ownership share of the property.

Lake Biwa historical villa partially de-listed after land sale

The Rokasensui Villa on Lake Biwa in Shiga Prefecture was built in 1921 and was the holiday home for Japanese painter Shunkyo Yamamoto.  In 1994 it was listed as an important cultural property. In 2008, a 190 sqm parcel of the 1230 sqm estate was sold to a private buyer and from August, 2010, an average modern home was built on the site. The Agency for Cultural Affair decided to de-list the smaller parcel of land after it was sold to a third party.

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