Hokkaido to sell Taisho era building

The Hokkaido prefectural government are looking for a buyer for the historic Archives of Hokkaido Annex Building in Sapporo City.

Built in 1926, the Taisho era building was designed by architect Atsumasa Hagiawara and built in the Vienna Secession style of architecture which was popular at the time. It is located to the south of the main Archives building, which was built in 1888 and used as the Hokkaido Government Office.

Last chance to save the Jonas Residence

Demolition of the historic Jonas Residence has been pushed back to October as the current owner is prepared to sell the house and land for 360 million Yen (approximately 3.6 million USD) if a buyer can be found.

Developer Anabuki Kosan purchased the waterfront property earlier this year and plan to tear it down and replace it with a 10-storey apartment building.

Kobe City to urge developer to protect Jonas Residence

The local assembly of the Kobe City Council have accepted a petition submitted by local residents fighting to save the former Jonas Residence in Kobe from demolition.

The property was recently purchased by a developer who has plans to demolish it and replace it with an apartment building. The developer has already postponed demolition until the end of June, but the committee will put pressure on the council to urge the developer to preserve the building or at least postpone demolition to a later date. 

Villa in Suginami-ku saved from demolition

Plans are underway to convert the private residence of a former Prime Minister, , into a public garden. The local Suginami City is looking into purchasing the 6,000 sqm grounds and converting them into a public garden with a planned opening in 2017.  

Named ‘Tekigaiso’, the house was built in a traditional Japanese style in 1927. The total floor area of the house is approximately 500 sqm (5,380 sqft). Prince Konoe purchased the property in 1937. In October 1941, he discussed war efforts in the house’s drawing room with , general of the Imperial Japanese Army and Prime Minister from late 1941 to 1944. Konoe later committed suicide in his library in 1945, and Tojo was sentenced to death for Japanese war crimes in 1948.

A first for Kansai: Historic bldg facade preserved in redevelopment

Orix Real Estate announced that they will be preserving the facade of a Taisho-era building and will incorporate it into the new condominium being built on the site. The design of the upper floors will also be in keeping with the original building facade. This is the first example of a condominium in the entire Kansai area that preserved the facade of the former building.

Apartment sales in ‘Gran Sanctus Yodoyabashi’ began on July 3rd, with 45 of the 60 units being offered in the first release. Apartments range in size from 56.09 ~ 78.83 sqm (603 ~ 848 sqft) and are priced from 37.6 ~ 56.5 million Yen. The average price per square meter is 693,000 Yen.

400 yr old house in Osaka to be demolished

The owner of the Watanabe Residence in Osaka’s Yodogawa-ku has had the historical listing cancelled as he plans to demolish the home and sell the land in order to pay a high inheritance tax bill.

The current owner inherited the house two years ago and has not been able to pay the inheritance taxes on the property. An application was made to Osaka’s Board of Education to remove the listing, so that the property could be razed and sold. The Board of Education said they often receive applications to remove listings due to fire and other damage, but it is rare to receive a request due to difficulty paying taxes.

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