Ibaraki sells film set to NHK

The Ibaraki Prefecture Development Public Corporation has sold “Warp Station Edo” to NHK Enterprise for 113.4 million Yen (1.4 million USD).

Located in , Warp Station Edo is a park and film set used for many historical-period dramas and movies.

It was built by the Prefecture in 2000 at a cost of 3.2 billion Yen and was first operated by “Media Park Tsukuba” – a joint venture between the Prefecture and the former town of Ina. However, after just two years into the park operations, a total of 800 million Yen in debt was incurred.  Operations were then handed over to Daishinto Group, and finally the Prefecture’s public corporation took over. The debts continued to grow so the Prefecture decided to sell.

Mito City Hall at risk of collapse

Mito City Hall in Ibaraki Prefecture was seriously damaged by the March 11 earthquake. Results of a recent earthquake-resistance inspection found that the building could collapse if it is hit by another earthquake with a seismic intensity of 6 or higher.

Should the City decide to repair the building by installing a base-isolation system, the repair costs are estimated to reach 7 billion Yen (91 million USD).