Montmartre Kagurazaka

5-unit Residential Building + Land
Nishigokencho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

This is a 5-storey designer apartment building located near the Kagurazaka neighbourhood in Shinjuku-ku. It was designed by Shinichi Kobayashi of Kobayashi 401.Design room and completed in June 2015.

The building has an occupancy rate of 100% (as at November 2015) and all 5 apartments are rented to tenants.

Each apartment has floor heating in the living rooms, air-conditioning, IH cooktops, TV Intercom, security, track lighting, WIFI internet, natural wood flooring, large parcel lockers and cable TV (J:COM). There is no elevator and no car parking.

It has access to three different train stations (Kagurazaka, Edogawabashi and Iidabashi).

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Profiting from investment apartments in Tokyo not so simple

Private investors with smaller budgets need to be aware that they face a much higher risk level when investing in Tokyo’s real estate market.

While a budget of several hundred million Yen will afford you a variety of options, anyone looking to spend under 100 million Yen or even under 10 million Yen on real estate in Tokyo will either be looking at older blocks of flats (‘apaato’) in outer areas or single apartments in more central areas. These type of properties can be very risky for investors, simply due to the high supply and risk of relying on a sole tenant. 

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