Top house flippers in Japan’s real estate market

Intellex’s Aoyama Renovation Studio

The Remodelling Business Journal published a ranking of the top property flipping real estate companies in Japan. These companies specialise in buying up second-hand homes and apartments, renovating them, and then reselling them to individual buyers.

In top spot was Gunma Prefecture-based Katitas Co., Ltd, with 3,034 re-sales over the past 12 months. Apartments only made up 5% of their properties traded, with the majority of sales being detached houses in regional areas. The average property was sold for 13,000,000 Yen (approx. 126,000 USD), and the average age of the property was 32 years. The company focuses on updating the bathroom and kitchens, as well as expanding car parking spaces in the properties they flip. They also conduct termite spraying and include a 5-year pest control warranty on the homes they sell.

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