[Foreclosed] 1898 Ijinkan in Kitanocho, Kobe

Kobe Ijinkan Foreclosed

*Update: The property was withdrawn from the auction. This can occur when the creditor/s are either paid the outstanding debt or reach an agreement with the borrower. 

The former Moore residence in Kobe’s historic Kitanocho district will go up for public auction this month with bidding starting from 45.6 million Yen (442,000 USD). 

The 2-storey western-style residence was built in 1898, with an extension to the rear added in 1980. It fronts onto Kitano Street, which is a popular spot for tourists.

Both the exterior and fence that face the street have been identified by Kobe City’s Board of Education as traditional structures and any exterior alterations require permission (internal modifications, however, are allowed). 

Historical Ijinkan in Kobe burns down

The Grande Maison Graciani French restaurant in Kobe’s Kitanocho neighborhood caught fire early this morning and was completely destroyed.

A neighbor alerted the fire department after noticing flames from the 1st floor on the north-west side of the building. Fifteen neighboring residents were evacuated as the fire posed a risk of spreading. The restaurant was closed on February 13th and had been locked up since the evening of the 12th. On February 7th, a small fire was reported at the front of the property, but was extinguished. Authorities are currently investigating the cause of the fire, and suspect arson.


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