Aoyama’s luxury high-rise goes on sale this week


Sales of apartments in Park Court Aoyama The Tower started this week, with 55 of the 163 apartments offered in the first round. Sales are being conducted under a lottery-type system, which is standard for off-the-plan apartments. During a one week period, buyers may register for the apartments they wish to purchase. If there is more than one application on an apartment, the lucky buyer is selected via a raffle.

Apartments are priced from 178.8 million to 1.5 billion Yen (1.72 ~ 14.4 million USD), with the majority of apartments (22 units) in the 210 million Yen range. Prices per square meter range from 2,425,000 ~ 6,400,000 Yen, with an average of around 2,800,000 Yen (approx. 2,500 USD/sq ft).

The one, two and three bedroom units range in size from 70.07 to 234.04 sqm (754 ~ 2,518 sq.ft).