Park Mansion Roppongi 4F

270,000,000 Yen
(2,667,000 Yen/sqm)
2-Bedrooms + 1 Bathroom + 1 Car space, 101.24 sqm
Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Park Mansion Roppongi is a luxury residence located in a prime position just across the street from Hinokicho Park and Tokyo Midtown. Tokyo Midtown contains a variety of high-end shops, cafes, restaurants, office space as well as The Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

The 8-storey building was completed in 2008 and includes just 24 apartments and a concierge desk.

This is a 2 Bedroom apartment on the 4th floor. It is north-east facing and includes a master bedroom with walk-in closet, a storage closet and a separate trunk room storage space. One car park (machine-type parking) is included with the apartment.

Please note that this apartment does not have views of Hinokicho Park.

Car park size (machine parking):

  • L: 5,600mm
  • W: 1,950mm
  • H: 1,550mm (not suitable for SUVs)
  • Weight: 2,400kg

[Foreclosed] Apartment in Park Mansion Roppongi

Park Mansion Roppongi 2

*Update: The property was withdrawn from the auction. This can occur when the creditor/s are either paid the outstanding debt or reach an agreement with the borrower. It was later listed for sale for 248,000,000 Yen.

A 3-bedroom apartment in the luxury Park Mansion Roppongi building is up for public auction this month.

Bidding on the 114 sqm (1227 sqft) apartment starts from 81,600,000 Yen (715,800 Yen/sqm). Apartments in this building are normally priced around 1.9 ~ 2.5 million Yen per square meter, with those overlooking Hinokicho Park going for as much as 3 million Yen/sqm. 

Corner unit for sale in Park Mansion Roppongi

Price: 380,000,000 Yen No longer on the market
Size: 155.43 sqm (1672 sqft)

A 3-bedroom corner apartment on the 3rd floor of Park Mansion Roppongi has been recently listed for sale.

At 2,445,000 Yen/sqm, this apartment is more expensive than those in the nearby Roppongi Hills Residence. Current market prices in this building range from 1,800,000 ~ 2,500,000 Yen/sqm. When sales first began in 2007, apartments were listed at 3,800,000 Yen/sqm. The 8th floor penthouse was priced at 4,930,000 Yen/sqm, making it the most expensive apartment on a sqm basis in Japan at that time.

Park Mansion Roppongi

Average price: 1,900,000 ~ 3,000,000 Yen/sqm
Size range: 84.50 ~ 213.05 sqm (909 ~ 2292 sqft)

Location: Roppongi, Minato-ku


Park Mansion Roppongi is in a prime position overlooking Hinokicho Park and Tokyo Midtown. There are very few condominiums around this park, which puts prices at a premium.

When sales first began in 2007, apartments were priced from 240 million ~ 1.05 billion Yen, with an average price of 3.8 million Yen/sqm. At a price of 4.9 million Yen/sqm, the 1.05 billion Yen apartment was the most expensive apartment on a per sqm basis listed in Tokyo in 2009.

The timing of this building was unfortunate for buyers. Sales began in 2007 but by late 2008 the Lehman Shock caused the luxury property market to crash. By this time many of the apartments had already been pre-sold with handover scheduled for March, 2009.

The only other condominiums around Hinokicho park are Proud Akasaka Hikawacho, High-Lese Roppongi Mikawadai, Park Court Akasaka Hinokicho Tower (2018) and the recently completed Park Mansion Hinokicho-koen. The apartments in Tokyo Midtown such as The Park Residence and Tokyo Midtown Residences are available for rent only.