Lose weight and pay less rent?

One share house in Osaka has come up with a unique concept of combining weight loss with rent. The ‘Beauty&Diet Ladies Sharehouse’ in Suita City is offering tenants a discount of 1,000 Yen off their monthly rent for each kilogram they lose while living in the house.

The monthly rent charged to each tenant is calculated by how much they each weigh. For every 1 kg, you are charged 1,000 Yen/month in rent. Lose weight, and your rent goes down. The landlord, Broad Enterprise, believe this might be the first of its kind in the world.

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The shift to share-housing

The rule of Japanese only buying new has changed.

Atsushi Miura, head of the Culture Studies Research Institute, is also author of best selling book “Karyu-shakai” (lower classes). His latest work covers the concept of sharing, such as car sharing or job sharing, and explains a new type of expenditure and economy under a ‘share’ system. He also mentions that the younger generation’s decision process when purchasing a house or other consumer item is changing.

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