Same day sell-out in Terrace Shibuya Mitake

All apartments made available for sale during the first round of sales for brand new condominium “Terrace Shibuya Mitake” have sold out on the same day.

On March 10, the 90 apartments listed for sale received 197 applications. The average number of applications to apartments was 2.18, and the highest was 13 on one apartment.

Apartments ranged in price from 37.8 to 184 million Yen and the average price is 1,381,000 Yen/sqm (1565 USD/sqft). The average age of the applicants was 49.5 years and their average income was 19 million Yen per year (232,000 USD).

Grand Maison Shoto


Located next to the New Zealand Embassy in Kamiyamacho, this exclusive low-rise residence of only 26 units was constructed to the highest standards by Takenaka Corporation and completed in early 2008.

When new, apartments were priced from 180 ~ 600 million Yen and ranged in size from 101.50 ~ 216.40 sqm. In late 2013, a 2-Bedroom 184 sqm apartment with 32 sqm roof terrace on the 4th floor was listed for 490,000,000 Yen (2,663,000 Yen/sqm).