The Parkhouse Gran Azabu Sendaizaka

The Parkhouse Azabu Sendaizaka 2

Price when new: 240 ~ 320 million Yen (2,150,000 Yen/sqm)
Size range: 120.75 ~ 133.99 sqm (1,299 ~ 1,442 sqft)

Area: Minamiazabu, Minato-ku


Sales began in September 2016 and all apartments had sold out by June 2017.

The Parkhouse Gran Azabu Sendaizaka is the latest in Mitsubishi Jisho’s ‘The Parkhouse Gran’ series of high-end condominiums. The ‘Gran’ projects are the most luxurious offerings by the developer, with apartments typically priced over the 2,000,000 Yen/sqm range, and selling out prior to completion.

The site was formerly home to the Pinecrest Katakura expat apartment building. Open House Development had previously acquired the site, but sold 90% to Mitsubishi Jisho in late 2014. Mitsubishi Jisho Group is the top supplier of apartments in the Azabu area in Minato-ku, including Azabu Juban, Azabudai, Azabu Nagasakacho, Azabu Mamianacho, Nishiazabu, Higashiazabu and Motoazabu, but this is their first ‘Gran’ series in the neighbourhood.

It is an elevated site that is near Sendaizaka Slope, and a 9  minute walk from Azabu Juban Station. This particular part of the neighbourhood contains a number of very large and expensive private detached homes which can easily cost upwards of 1 billion Yen each.

The building contains just 11 apartments, of which only 9 were made available for sale.