Sales in The Parkhouse Hiroo Hanezawa off to a great start

The first round of sales in The Parkhouse Hiroo Hanezawa began at the end of May. All of the 27 apartments made available for purchase in the first round were sold. They ranged in size from 43 to 152 sqm (462 ~ 1635 sqft) and were priced from 46 ~ 275 million Yen. 17 of the apartments were priced over 100 million Yen.

The sales office received 33 purchase applications for the 27 apartments. The most popular apartments were 2-bedroom types priced around 85 million Yen and 3-bedroom types priced around 128 million Yen. 

The Parkhouse Hiroo Hanezawa

The Parkhouse Hiroo Hanezawa Exterior 1

Average price: 1,700,000 Yen/sqm
Size range: 43.51 ~ 152.01 sqm (468 ~ 1635 sqft)

Location: Hiroo, Shibuya-ku


Completion was scheduled for April 2014 but was pushed back until May. Apartments were ready for delivery to buyers by the end of June 2014. Sales began in May 2013 and all apartments had sold out by May 2014. When new, apartments were priced from 46 ~ 275 million Yen, with an average price of around 1,270,000 Yen/sqm.

Approximately 40 of the 114 apartments, or 35%, are owned by an investor/s (possibly the original landowner) and are offered for rent.

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