Chinese Embassy buys land in Minamiazabu

The Chinese Government has purchased a 5677 sqm block of land in Minamiazabu. The Japanese Foreign Minister, Takeaki Matsumoto, said there is no reason for the Government to oppose the purchase.

The land was put up for sale by open tender by the Federation of National Public Service Personnel Mutual Aid Associations (KKR). It is thought that China paid 6 billion Yen (78 million USD) for the site.

Land Liquefaction Risk Ratings in Tokyo

Liquefaction in Toyosu, March 11 2011
Liquefaction in Shinonome, March 11 2011

During the March 11 earthquake, some areas along the bay area in Tokyo suffered damage from liquefaction. The above images are from Toyosu and Shinonome in Koto-ku.

The following is a survey map of Tokyo showing the areas at risk of liquefaction in a large earthquake. The data is provided by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s Civil Engineering Center.

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