Earthquake-resistance checks on old apartments not progressing

Of Japan’s apartment buildings built prior to 1970 to older and less stringent earthquake standards, only 16% have been inspected to see whether they can withstand a large earthquake.

In February, the Condominium Management Companies Association conducted a survey of 2100 pre-1970 apartment buildings nationwide. From the individual management companies that responded, only 16% reported that a building inspection was carried out to assess their building’s earthquake resistance, and almost all were found not to meet current standards. Only 3% of the surveyed buildings had actually carried out any earthquake reinforcing work.

Villa Sapienza

Average Price: 650,000 Yen/sqm

Location: Kamiuma, Setagaya-ku


Part of the Villa Series of apartments built in the 1960s, ’70s and early ’80s. Villa Sapienza was designed by Sakakura Associates and developed by Kowa Shoji. It is located right next-door to “Villa Nova”.

Fully Renovated Vintage Apartment for Sale in Jingumae


Crown Aoyama
108,000,000 Yen SOLD
104.01sqm (1,120 sqft)
2-Bedroom Apartment

This spacious 2-bedroom apartment has just undergone a full-scale designer renovation which included:
– Herringbone wooden flooring
– Marble/Stone flooring in kitchen and entrance hall
– Jet bath with TV
– Stainless-stell kitchen with IH Cooktop & Dishwasher
– LED lighting
– Built-in airconditioning unit in living room
– TV Monitor Intercom

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